Take care of your handcrafted jewelry and it will last for years. We believe in wear your jewelry even if it means a little Knick or scratch here or there


All Gab Mc Neil yellow, rose and white gold pieces are cast in jewelry standard 10k -10 karat and are never plated.

10k/ 10 karat Gab Mc Neil gold is 10 parts pure gold (41.7%) giving the non-tarnish properties of gold with the beauty and color with 12 parts mixed alloyed (58.3%) giving a highly durable made for everyday wear material.

All Gab Mc Neil 925 sterling silver pieces are cast in jewelry standard .925 Sterling Silver and are never plated.

.925/ .925 sterling silver Gab Mc Neil Silver is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% mixed alloyed making it more durable yet will react with air or skin causing the metal to tarnish.

A key component of 925 jewelry is managing the tarnishing to keep the beauty of 925 high luster polish.


925 Sterling Silver

For 925 Sterling Silver jewelry. Start by mixing warm water with baking soda creating a paste in a bowl. Then using the Gab Mc Neil Polishing cloth supplied in packaging to apply and rub the paste back and forth on the piece. Once done rubbing paste rinse under warm water after rinse gently pat dry with paper towel. Not recommended for mixed materials pieces such as 925 sterling silver with gemstones.

10K Gold

For 10K Gold jewelry. Start by getting mild/soft dish soap add a couple drops in a bowl of warm water. Then add and let jewelry soak for 10-15 minutes. After soaking using the Gab Mc Neil polishing cloth supplied in packaging and rub the pieces back and forth with with soap and water. Once done rubbing rinse piece under warm water then gently pat dry with paper towel. Not recommended for mixed material pieces such as 10K Gold and gemstones.

Recommended For All Jewelry

Storing your jewelry in individually separate plastic ziplocked bags then placed in your Gab Mc Neil pouch or box to minimize scratches and maintain shine. Also please avoid storing in areas with extreme heat and moisture.

Avoid all contact with any chemicals

Examples: Perfume and moisturizers.

Tarnish Varies From Person To Person

Example: Skin acidic levels and climate. 

Remove Jewelry Before

Examples: Sleeping or swimming.