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Modern Take On Diamond Necklace


Featuring 10k white gold exoskeleton that takes the shape of a princess Cut diamond to incases a 2.37ct rough uncut white diamond.

Re-Mastered Stacked Ring


Constructed like a puzzle using a mixture of 10k yellow and rose gold pieces that notch together with 2.32ct of rough black diamonds set into the eyes

Avant Garde Engagement Ring


Made in 10k white gold. The ring features a rough 0.78 ct white diamond encased in between two half rings that are held together by seven 10k yellow gold rods.

Statement Necklace

Geometric Kodamas

The pendants design is a interpretation of the kodamas from the film Princess Mononoke

Art Deco Signet Ring


JG ring inspired by the monogram from the great gatsby a one of a kind pinky ring. But of course, you don’t need to take my word for it, old sport.

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