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Gab Mc Neil, Montreal based jewelry brand merges aesthetic, fashion and art resulting in unconventional designs. By mixing tools and techniques, both ancient and modern, each unique piece of jewelry goes through an extensive creation process with key attention to detail and high standards of quality


The art of exceptional jewelry design flows from the creative process and a unique vision. Choice materials and techniques create pieces that speak honestly to the individual, celebrating what makes them unique and connecting them to the items so personal to them.

Art and design run deep for Gabriel Mc Neil. Coming from a long line of sculptors, ceramists and architects, artistic expression is innate for Gabriel and reflected in his designs.

While studying industrial design at OCAD University, his passionate interest in combining design and technology to break from the traditional conforms of fashion led him to meet and collaborate with celebrated artists and work with world-class brands. Gabriel founded Gab Mc Neil in 2015 to launch his own works.

Gabriel’s capacity to share and connect with people shapes his intuitive and innovative designs as he forges forth, always working with dedication and true passion.